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Platstack is the best way to save and organize any type of digital content from anywhere on the web.

It's free!
It's free!




Find hand-picked stacks of content gathered and approved by real people, not algorithms.
Let others help you find the good stuffSave time & reduce overwhelm searching the internetCrowdsource your internet results by searching topic-based collections from people you know and trust.
Social network based search engineSearch results with social reviews built inOnly spend your time looking at what other people find helpful.
Finally, a simple way to capture your digital experience without ever leaving the momentPlatstack helps you distill the messy overwhelm of the internet down to only the best content, so you can always find exactly what you're looking for.
No more “browser tab FOMO”Save the internet's greatest hits. Create your own digital home.Platstack helps you turn your time spent browsing, learning, and collecting ideas into a digital library you can keep.
You should only have to find something onceEasily find anything you've ever come across in secondsGreat idea? Awesome resource? Epic meme? Platstack will remember exactly where you found it.
Share all the best content on a topic with a single linkWhether it's sharing great content with friends or building an engaged audience, Platstack makes sharing the internet faster & easier than you've ever experienced.
All in one placeNo more digging around for things you've shared in message threadsPlatstack keeps content you've shared organized in one place, so what you're looking for doesn't get buried in threads or separated across multiple apps.
Stack it forward!Share the best content. Stack your knowledge forward.You spend a lot of time uncovering the gems of the internet... Platstack helps you capture and seamlessly share them - with friends, colleagues, or the world.

What people say:

“Once this gets going, why would you ever use just Google search as your go-to?”Madison - Student
“I can now Marie Kondo my digital life, visually.”Kimberly - Remote Content Writer
“Finally, something to make the internet fun again.”Riley - Research Architect
“Pinterest meets Chrome bookmarks meets FB! Soooo Gorgeous!”Cleo
Start stacking your internetFree. Fun. In your pocket.Save the best links you're finding online and share what you know with others.Sign up and start stacking content - it's free!
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